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The first neumorphic Framework

Neu-Axentix is the neumorphic version of Axentix, and will provide multiple components and shadows.
Any developer will have the possibility to create websites based on neumorphism design using the different components provided.

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Join the new trend

How does it work ?

builder img

Pick a theme color

We provide 2 different theme colors (Dark and Light) and give you the possibility to create your own shadows using our builder.
Using these theme colors will define the neumorphic shadows you will use next.
All the shadows are generated depending on the theme color, so you need to add your theme color class on an element to make all the shadows working on all the children elements.


Pick your neumorphic shadows

All the neumorphic shadows are working with only one class. Add it to your element, and the magic will make it appear.
You only have to make sure to add a theme color class on a parent of this element !
You can create dynamic shadow on hover event, click event...

Flat shadow
Concave shadow
Convex shadow
Bordered shadow
Pressed shadow

And that's it !