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Getting started

Start using Neu-Axentix, the first framework based on neumorphism.

Before starting

Neu-Axentix is pretty easy to use, but you need to know the basics.
We strongly recommend to read the shadows and colors page before starting using the framework.
The neumorphic shadows are the main component of the framework, they will allow you to create any component with a neumorphic design.
Note that you need to add your neumorphic theme color class to an element before adding the shadow classes to the children.

This is an extension of Axentix, our basic framework, so you should use the two docs at once to use the neumorphic classes. The basic framework give you all the functionnalities you need, and you can apply neumorphic modification to your components.

How to start

Once you are ready to start, add the Neu-Axentix file by the way you want :
If you want to use your own theme colors, use our Builder.

With CDN
With NPM
Run npm install neu-axentix to install Neu-Axentix with npm.
By downloading files

Since this is an extension of Axentix, don't forget to download the basic framework files before.
Available here.

Download css and js files minified and unminified versions. You don't need any other files, no jQuery required if you want to use the js functionalities.

Download all repo including source files.
Run npm install and you can develop with our integration tools.

The builder

We created a builder to allow you using your own theme colors. To use it, go on the Builder page and start selecting your colors.
Once done, you can download the css file, and link it to your project !

Starter template